Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Welcome Trinity: Birth Day Session

LeAnn and I have been friends for a LONG time. We'd pass notes to each other in school, had many overnight stays and spent HOURS on the phone. I got to see her and her family regularly in their first four or so years. Her oldest children were the subjects of many photographs as I learned photography once upon a time. Then they moved across the state and I didn't get to see them as often, nor did I get a chance to photograph her boys very often. Aleesha and Jamie were the flower girls in my wedding.

Finally, a year ago, LeAnn and her family moved back to this side of the state, to Vermillion even!!! I was thrilled. Then, they learned that they were adding to the family!! I was excited for them. And, I was eager to offer my photography services. My skills have evolved since their oldest was little. To be honest, I'd never had the opportunity to try birth photography. If there was anyone I could ask to try this genre out, it was LeAnn.

I was out of town the day that she was scheduled to be induced. I thought that Trinity would have arrived by the time I got to town. But, I was able to join the family for awhile and await her arrival.
Communication is important with any client, best friend or otherwise. We agreed that if LeAnn and Chet wanted me out of the way, that's fine. I photographed a few waiting images. My plan was to be discreet and stay by momma's head. It worked out great. But, when a cesarean delivery was needed, I waited outside with the maternal grandma. It was still amazing to see Chet walk out with Trinity in his arms.

Trinity has a wonderful family surrounding her. She was the tie breaker with two older sisters and two brothers to show her the ropes.

Mom did wonderfully!!! She was a rockstar!

I'm so glad that we've been a part of each other's lives for better than 20 years. I'm thrilled that your kids like me. I think that they're a great bunch too.

Welcome to the family, Trinity. I look forward to watching you grow up too.

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