Sunday, April 26, 2015

Waiting Through All of Time & Space: Mason's Newborn Session

Every baby is eagerly awaited and Mason is certainly no different. Lots of people were anxious to meet this little man.

Mason's mom is a Doctor Who fan. Together, Sarah and Joe have their wedding vows tattooed in Gallifreyan. That's the language used by Time Lords. I was pretty certain that they'd be okay with a few Doctor Who inspired portraits.

I enjoyed David Tennant and Matt Smith. Matt Smith's interpretation of the doctor inspired me for Mason's shoot. I'm not sure which Doctor Sarah prefers.

So, with that in mind... What else would I do but celebrate the fact that Babies, Bow Ties and Fez Hats are cool. I made the hat, bow tie and sweater pants.

Mason's session was also done in his home. We were able to take breaks for food and change of clothes.

Max was a great subject too! He and Mason will be great friends.

A friend of the family made a diaper cover and handcuffs for Mason as a nod to dad's career as a police officer. It's wonderful to have a reminder of these special gifts.

Mason, welcome to the world! :-) I know that you'll have great adventures.

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