Friday, November 28, 2014

Photos by Bub

My son is nearly three and is very keen on the things that he sees my husband and I doing. When he watches daddy work, he wants a tool of any sort of his own. He loves fiddling with pliers, hammers... anything he can get his hands on. He wants to have a job of his own.

He also watches me at work and has taken an interest in my cameras. He loves the act of just pushing the button. We typically just try to get his fingers away from the front of the lens.

And so, there are many images of whatever happens to be in front of the camera at the moment he actually gets the shutter button pressed.




So, I try to help him out and get down on his level. I attempt to put myself in front of the lens.


Then... With some luck... I was able to coach him. I asked him to raise the camera, so that he could see me on the preview screen. And, he got some really nice images!


There, you've got it buddy!!




I know that he just likes the act of holding the camera up and pushing the button, like mommy does. But, I'm a very proud momma that he got a few fun images. :D It will be fun to search out scenes and subjects to photograph together as he grows up!

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