Sunday, April 26, 2015

Welcome Trinity: Newborn Session

Trinity was such a good little lady during her newborn session!

Would you believe I was set up in her parents' dining room? When I say that I bring the studio to you, I'm not kidding.

Trinity's big brothers wanted to help me set up.

I was eager for this session, first to hang out with Trinity. Second, my husband and I made the bed that we used!! I wanted to make a wrought iron style infant bed. We used old wire hangers. My husband welded them together according to some doodles that I had made. Then we painted the frame black. It was a fun project, though my husband says that it'd be best to buy new wire the next time around. It would be easier, it's true. I also had a lot of fun sewing the bedding that went with the bed.

I arrived around 9 a.m. and began set up. I was done packing my car around 1pm. Now, some of that time was spent gabbing. LeAnn (Trinity's mom) has been one of my best friends since sometime in middle school.

It does take some time for a home session, though. I try to bring a few backdrops and work with what parents have on hand for their child as well.

Trinity, you are beautiful. Welcome to your family!

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