Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wedding Video

Recently, I've been offering still photography packages for weddings almost exclusively.  This season, however, I was asked to film two weddings.  I have worked in television for over thirteen years now, so that wasn't an issue.  I love documenting events of any nature.

I also wanted to explore capturing video in conjunction with still photography.  So, I offered the option to two early season weddings.

The second wedding is available to view on request.

This approach isn't without its challenges, of course. My primary concern involved focusing on still photography. I set up two mostly stationary video cameras. My camera in the back of the church was in a location where I could adjust the shot as I photographed aspects of the wedding. I don't like to move around a lot during the ceremony, so this approach works really well. I added still images to the video to fill in the film and display all details from the celebration.

This spring, I filmed another wedding. My primary responsibility, again, was the still photography including portraits and candid images. This church was larger. I placed my main camera in the balcony, a space that I knew I may not have easy access to during the ceremony.

The bride's brother in law often documents family events. I asked if he might be shooting video that day and willing to share his footage with me. I could easily include extra video angles with that approach.

I loved seeing the wedding documented from a guest's perspective!!

I'm working on editing a wonderful celebration surrounding Ashley & Damon in Iowa. I filmed their wedding in its entirety and got to focus solely on that role.

More clips from Mr. & Mrs. Berkland's day will be added soon.

I look forward to filming more events in the future. Please follow my channel at

I've set up a few playlists featuring my work and am always adding more material.

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benilhalk said...

Nice wedding video!! You did an amazing job dear. My friend is also looking for a professional photographer for wedding location venue. So, are you interested in working for him?