Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Class of 2016: Sadie's Summer Session

Wow, the school year is set to begin in a matter of weeks. It's exciting for everyone, particular young adults who are preparing for their senior year of high school.

I always enjoy senior photos and strive to create images that reflect the individual portrayed.

I noticed that wild flowers were plentiful at Spirit Mound, a perfect picturesque backdrop with a feminine touch. Sadie enjoys the outdoors, so it suited her well.

An active member of her 4-H chapter, Sadie brought a project that she completed for the fair. I love when clients bring props that are meaningful for them.

Black Eyed Susans were prominent on the south side of Spirit Mound. I had noticed that purple flowers were abundant on the north side of the park. How appropriate for the purple and white Beresford Watchdogs!

From time to time a family suggests a location that has historical importance for them. Sadie's grandparents got their start at this farm place. Now abandoned, it is so full of character and is a perfect environment for a portrait.

The Bridges of Beresford is another location that Sadie is quite familiar with as a member of the golf team. I think it's a wonderful spot and have photographed a variety of portraits here.

To wrap up this session, we had a little fun. Friends, don't try this at home.

I have a lot of fun spending the evening with Sadie and her mom. I look forward to our fall session so that we can make use of the turning fall leaves!!

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