Sunday, January 5, 2014

Travel in Time for a Senior Session

    Josh and his family live in New York City, but his mom grew up in Beresford, South Dakota.  Home visiting over the holiday's, Josh's mom and grandma wanted a few more poses of Josh in his senior year of high school.


     Phyllis, Josh's grandma, suggested the old family homestead.  Her father and grandfather were born on a farm near Beresford.  Decades have passed since anybody has dwelled here.

     I loved the site.  I've driven by it a number of times, wishing to do some photographic work there.  The homestead is an excellent abandoned site, complete with a windmill.  Typically those fall apart before the buildings do.


     I love creating sessions on location.  I think that portraits taken at locations that are meaningful to the subject are the best.

     While the property looks abandoned, it isn't completely.  A herd of cattle, also managed by the family, loiters near by.  They were hoping for a bite to eat.  They're used to being fed whenever Merril stops by.
     I was able to photograph Phyllis and Merril with their grandkids, the fifth generation to step foot on this property.
Thanks for braving the day.  It was chilly, but lovely.

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