Monday, January 20, 2014

Max Turns Three!!!

I've been photographing Max since his birth.  I can't believe that he will soon be three!!  Today began with sunshine.  I'd hoped that we would get to use that weather to our advantage.  Unfortunately, it didn't hold.
I set up a studio in our old garage.  The space isn't pretty as a whole.  Selectively, it was an awesome space to use.  Plus, it was warm.  Added bonus.
That's the magic of being mobile.  I can set my lights up anywhere and create a studio on the go.

Max currently enjoys music of all sorts.  He particularly enjoys rhythm instruments.  I love being able to document who a child is at every stage of their life.  Maracas are one of his current favorite toys.  You can't keep a kid still when he has a beat in his soul.

We decided to take a break and go check out my husband's shop.  I brought a flash along.  Max is like most kids, they love to go, go, go and he's into wheels. I love impromtu shots!

Max is a high energy guy.  I imagine that he slept pretty well on the way home after his session.  I hope that he had as much fun as I did.
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