Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wedding with Cathy Jo!

It's no secret, I'm into photography. I really enjoy it all, scenic, portraits, action, weddings. So, imagine how fun it is when you get the opportunity to work with a friend!!

I was able to shoot with my friend Candy Acosta for a couple years, be sure to check her out her web and facebook page!

Sadly, Candy and her husband moved to Seattle. I don't get to work with her now, but if you are in that region - be sure to look her up!! She and her husband are very talented!

Cycling is a hobby that I've been into for a few years now too. A couple of my friends from that activity are photo enthusiasts as well. Cathy Logue is another good friend that I've had the opportunity to work with recently. We haven't been on a bike ride together for awhile, but get to catch up on a photo outing here and there.

I was so glad when she was able to attend a wedding that I booked in May. This weekend I accompanied her as a second shooter for the wedding of Kim and Tyler.

Fortunately, we work pretty well together and compliment each other's style. One photographer is good, but having the ability to follow seperate groups on such a momentous day is wonderful. If you are seeking a photographer, please consider someone who at least has the option of a second shooter to document multiple angles of your festivities.

I hope to be able to work with Photography by Cathy Jo more often!! Be sure to check her out as well!

Kim and Tyler were such a goregous couple and surrounded by people who adored them. I love a good wedding! They are infectious and you can't help but feel warm and fuzzy after the event. Everyone was in a great mood and truly embraced the newlyweds.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE your photos Melissa! I agree, our styles compliment each other nicely! Looking forward to working together with you more.