Saturday, August 20, 2011

Portraits of People Doing What they Love

If you follow either of my blogs (also, you may notice that I do a lot of different kinds of photography. I think that being diverse helps keep your skills fresh and allows me to be flexible during a session.

I'm often planning photographs in my mind and enjoy practicing my skills in a wide variety of situations. A couple buddies like to come out to our place to work on their cars with my husband. I like to work on action photos and people at work, so it was a great opportunity for me!

Wednesday night I hung out in the pit while the guys competed in the Figure 8 race.

Jake Bickett

Tyler Lewison

Jake Bickett

Tyler Lewison

I have more photos of people doing what they love and other candid images here.

Activity sessions are a wonderful way to capture people that you love doing the things that they enjoy the most. They are a low key way to capture part of who they really are. Consider a senior photo session that combines a portrait session of your student looking their best, plus photos from an activity that really defines a high school experience.

Or consider a portrait session in your home for your family. Sometimes a 2 year old may not want to have their photo taken, but are still interested in playing with her parents. Its a win win, the child is happy and you get a family portrait experience not duplicated in a typical studio setting.

I really enjoy photojournalism and trying to capture people as they are. Sometimes you can request that a person turns in a certain direction a little more, but I try to remain authentic. I really do work to represent a person in their environment in the best possible way. I work to interfere as little as possible, except to perhaps move a light to a more favorable position.

Practicing this also allows me to pose people in more controlled environments when the opportunity occurs.

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