Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tanya and Rob

I am lucky to be able to document the celebration of marriage for some wonderful couples and families. I am trying to be better about sharing these events.

Rob and Tanya bubbled over with love and affection for each other.  While doing the groom portraits, Rob asked if Tanya had told me how they met.  I hadn't heard the story yet, but Rob couldn't contain himself as he shared his memories.  They were young sweethearts, going steady in middle school, sharing each other's first kiss by a pop machine out of view from their friends.

They parted ways, Tanya moved away and they lost touch.  Each made their own way in life, though Rob says he often wondered how Tanya was doing.  Eventually each found themselves living in the Sioux Falls area.  Thanks to Facebook, they were able to reconnect and were at a point in life where they could meet again.  It had been years since they last saw each other, but their fondness for one another remained.

Affection is apparent when you watch them together.





Rob and Tanya's family were all a joy to spend an evening with.  Their children were very excited for the party and the Washington Pavilion was a gorgeous backdrop for the event.
Thank you Rob and Tanya for inviting me to photograph your wedding.  May you and your family have many happy years together! 


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